Why Arentek

About Us

With 10+ years of deep-rooted history and confidence in the future…

Since the day of its foundation, Arentek having been a professional technology & project management consultancy company in Turkey. Furthermore, Arentek has expert staff in finance, construction, datacenter as well as energy and electronic security. We have strong strategic business partnerships, professional manpower and the trust of our customers. We aim for continuous growth of our business and investments.

Arentek has a culture with a controlled growth structure that works with the awareness of the role taken by all the sectors it serves in the establishment, development and thus achieving a better quality life of its rapidly developing technology infrastructure.

As a professional player in the industry, it constantly updates its technology and moves its knowledge forward in order to provide optimal solutions to changing dynamics. As a leading player in the sector, our company constantly updates its technology and industry-related knowledge in order to provide optimal solutions to our customers. Learning, researching, developing and implementing best solutions are among the main goals of the Arentek.

Arentek as a company which does not limit its work to the Turkey, but provides its services to the international customers in UK, Russia, Middle East and many European countries such as the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Germany, Finland, Switzerland, Luxembourg.

"Right growth at the right time… "

We use the experience gained from the past to increase our technical competence and capacity with each new project, in all business lines.

Young, dynamic, successful business management experience with academic staff and trained a leading company in the sector, civil, computer, mechanical, electrical and environmental engineers and professional technicians with the human resources team of the Arentek, to be a leading group in competitive market conditions acting on its principle "Our most important capital is our human resources!" it reveals its awareness.

Arentek, which develops relations based on long-term partnership and cooperation with corporate banks and financial institutions with its deep-rooted history and professional relations, has the creditworthiness to provide financial support to its projects of different scales under the best conditions from national and international organizations.