Electronic Security

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Electronic Security

As Arentek, we determine the needs of our customers and offer effective solutions with its experience in electronic security and infrastructure systems.

We have our own expert team in creating the project topology and making the necessary autocad drawings, and we work in partnership with global scale manufacturers with competitive product catalogs.

In this way, we offer end-to-end solutions in the field of security, from product supply to installation and training, while providing added value to projects, while at the same time ensuring that our customers use technology with confidence.

Our aim is to respond to the needs of our customers quickly and flexibly by managing our risk correctly, as we have the opportunity to provide project coordination services.

While offering professional products with the global and wide connection network in electronic security and technology, we manage the processes of discovery and risk analysis at the location and receiving data for the project with the dealer network system.

Our strategy is to work with a variety of security manufacturers to supply all of the original and software in demand around the world, as well as a wide variety of consumables used in these processes, keeping our customers and supply network competitive.


Video Surveillance Systems

Perimeter Security Systems

Access Control Systems

Audio and Announcement Systems

Fire Detection and Warning Systems

X-Ray Baggage Inspection and Metal Detection Systems


What Are We Doing?

Discovery & Projecting

We determine the needs of each project and design it with original engineering ideas. We believe that every project is unique and has its own unique characteristics. In order to achieve the best results, we prefer to work with our customers and to meet their needs with the right and reliable product selection, controlled cost and manageable service opportunity. Project areas are explored with the user and examined with the electronic security design and infrastructure team in line with the demands, and the project is designed considering criteria such as the user's demands, imagination, concept, functionality and existing structure.

Projects are optionally available in 2D and 3D formats. If requested, the project is implemented and implemented.

Installation & Commissioning Service

Our engineers can meet critical business requirements, regardless of size or complexity, thanks to their extensive practical experience gained in many installation and commissioning tasks both at home and abroad. Services include full installation, testing, on-site configuration and startup through commissioning. You can also benefit from Arentek periodical maintenance and service today and throughout the entire lifetime of your equipment, with impeccable installation quality, implementation, cost management and safety.

Maintenance and Service

After on-site installation and commissioning, you can provide periodical maintenance, fault detection, product replacement processes within the scope of all our products and services with original parts in the fastest way when the customer needs it.