Technical Project Management

Technical Project Management

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The most critical criteria for the successful implementation of a project is to ensure the optimum management and coordination of “time, quality and cost”.

Our engineering staff provides detailed services in the design, procurement, management and coordination of technical activities, and implementation of tender strategies in the tender and investment processes of the projects.

Project Management Process

Determining Investor Expectations
It can be expressed as 'putting the dream on paper'. At this stage, design criteria are selected, standards and technology level are determined, idea projects are prepared as a result of clarifying the investor's goals, and then the project is introduced and delivery system strategies are created.

Preparation of Feasibility Report and Development of Guidelines
Economic, technical and financial studies are carried out in order to take the final decision of the project. The purpose is the desired function, performance and reliability of the project; It is to provide data for the investor's decision making by making systematic and creative analyzes of the project or operating functions in order to provide the lowest "lifetime" cost.

Preparation of the Preliminary Budget and Cost Tracking
The preliminary budget of the project is determined in accordance with the correct purchasing, planning and logistics coordination based on the design criteria.

Making the Master Work Program and Creating the Quality Assurance Program
It is a special work program prepared for the project and shows the main elements of the project, its duration and sequence. The investor is regularly informed with the monthly progress report created by technical engineers.